wanders, looks and news

  • miami to culebra pop hop

    This spring I was eager, overly ready, to transition into the color and pop that comes with the spring mood. A fan of it every year, but this one in particular I was looking for more, what some would even consider obnoxious pop culture.
  • slip ons spring looks 2023

    The styling for this spring is inspired by a mannered Avant-garde. A tasteful interpretation of experimental, radical and unexpected.
  • stockholm for fall

    Some cities in this world seem to have been handmade for the fall season, like a song or a poem. Where the classic subtleties can be found around every corner and are equally as grounding as it is uplifting.
  • minnesota meander

    Good-ol Minnesota, the backyard of the US. A destination long on my to-do list in late summer or early fall. When the comfortably warm days turn to comfortably cool evenings.
  • silp ons fall looks 2022

    As the fire crackle’s nearby we introduce mens leather slip ons fall’22 looks. The styling for this fall is inspired by the eclectic moods of a “backyard”.
  • sicilian summer

    Having visited both now I confirmed what I had long suspected, hoped, and dreamed. A modest approach to visiting Italy, void of highly pretentious moods and wildly priced eating and hotels.
  • thailand yin & yang

    Thailand. There is nothing easy about it, the approval process is a week of solid homework, the flight is a grueling 22hrs
  • slip ons summer looks 2022

    With a pursued balance in mind, we introduce mens leather slip ons summer looks 2022.
  • porto a diary entry

    Upon landing, as with any Euro travel, it began with a heightened state of dreaminess. No doubt equal parts both from a 10hr flight and the eagerness of a much-anticipated visit. A dreaminess nonetheless and one that lingers in the memory long after.
  • slip ons spring looks 2022

    Like a mind drifting into the unknown we hit the road and introduce mens leather slip ons spring looks 2022.
  • san pancho pleasure

    There is few destinations that elicit a drifter spirit quite like Mexico; for Americans at least. From age-old story telling, to music and films it...
  • puerto rico old soul

    I've always been a fan of the idea of a weekend getaway in a rustic seaside town. The type of place that drifts into the imagination from an exotic jazz riff or countless classic films. Typically to find, and fit, this narrative one would immediately think to have to look at an international trip. And I did my very self before this one. But then I realized...what about Puerto Rico?