a day in la

A Day In LA

First stop to start the day, and be early and on time, the downtown Grand Central. If you arrive when you should, 7am parking shouldn't be bad, the wait for an array of choices for your much needed breakfast is kind. My choice will always be a breakfast sammy from EggSlut. After your quick power scarf you're ready to go burn some cals.

From downtown your in friendly distance to the Hollywood sign hike. Grab a water, chewybar and sunscreen.There's a tourist way and there's the right way. And that's the Wisdom Tree to Hollywood Sign trail. Now that you've earned it, head back downtown where you should have a room booked nearby to the Broad Museum. Jump in the pool and give yourself some time to relax.

Now that your charged a bit, get dressed, grab your leather slip ons and time for some arts. Make sure you made online reservations for The Broad and you'll be coasting into a very-very cool viewing experience. After your viewing pleasure grab dinner or drinks. You're now perfectly situated within easy walking distance to plenty of dine or drink options.

Pro Tip: Take a quick Uber over to one of the many culinary creations in the Arts District.

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