amalfi hills

with the leisure mens leather slip on

amalfi coast with the leisure mens leather slip on

The drive is super easy from the airport area and mostly freeway until you get to the hills. Right before the hills you can make a stop to view Pompei. I took this back route through the hills but you could extend the trip by driving along the coast if you wanted. The road gets a little tight but the little hilly towns and views along the way are fantastic.

After several hours on the freeway and up and around through the hills you've made it: The Gates Ravello. This is why I took this route. Everyone takes pictures and talks about the coast but this place is just as spacial. Maybe more. A centuries old resort town in the hills with all you could imagine in a storybook. Settle in, get comfortably dressed, grab your leather slip ons and enjoy an unforgettable dinner. Do-not-overlook-staying-here.

Then after that wonderful hillside experience you now get the coast. You've seen, heard, watched all there is so simply enjoy. Its one of the most, enchanting I guess explains it correctly, places you will ever visit.

Pro Tip: You're probably here to visit Rome as well. My suggestion is do this part first then head back to Rome. You can ditch your rental and explore Rome by foot and conveniently get to the airport by rail.

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