buoyed's patent pending design collaboration

patent pending coffee table

Press Release  

St. George, UT – March 25, 2020 – buoyed is pleased to announce its first design collaboration in partnership with DSWoodwork to offer a patent pending coffee table design.  With the rise of contemporary minimalist interior design, buoyed & DSWoodworks saw an opportunity to create a piece that incorporates buoyed’s minimal leisure lifestyle brand with DSWoodworks handcrafted reclaimed wood designs. Available for custom order now, the “buoyed” coffee table is now a standard option for clients with endless customizable configurations. 

“I was excited to collaborate with buoyed on their vision and how it allowed both parties to showcase their brand in a mutual lifestyle approach,” said Derek Wiersma Owner, DSWoodwors. “The minimalist approach of this design while still excitingly smart and unique is the type of contemporary thinking we’d like to be associated with. buoyed was the right brand to collaborate with for us to showcase this.” “I had my eyes open for an indirect marketing collaboration,” said Ray Weedman Owner, buoyed. “What started as a vessel idea for marketing exposure became a minimalist design that combined and conveyed both our brands. While inadvertently solving a long standing comfort issue with a patent pending design. That just gives you an idea of where DSWoodworks can take a project.” 

The patent pending design collaboration is centered upon the signature “foot hammock” feature. The table size itself can be customized for public or private use. The hammocks can be integrated on 1,2,3 or 4 sides and/or multiples on a given side. While the hammock material can range from leather mesh to a leather or canvas sheet. The “buoyed” table will be available for custom order online at dswoodworksllc.com.

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