charleston preserved

harleston preserved with the leisure mens leather slip on

At this point in my wanders Charleston, SC is my favorite city walk in the US. Not just for the obvious photogenic spots you see but rather all the nooks-&-crannies you find everywhere along the way. A special place that has preserved its historic styling and architecture. And for this reason, I came to find myself feeling and respecting my time, like that of an older city in Europe.

It's a really straight forward city to fly into and visit. No need for a rental yet, I'd be on foot exploring for the next day or two then grab one. Just take your preferred way to your hotel, I took the bus. I chose The Mills House for its classic feel and centered positioning for hitting the pavement. Not to mention, and a very important mention at that, is it's back door distance to my much anticipated dinner at Husk. Everything about eating here is absolutely quintessential to your visit. Don't overlook.

All I'll really say is grab your leather slip ons and get walking. Coordinate with the revolving bus to get to the further outlying spots. I will however list my top eats other than Husk not to miss: Callie's Hot Little Biscuit, Brown Dog Deli and Prohibition. And if you can coordinate it at some point Bertha's Kitchen. After a day or two of walking you're ready for your rental.

There is many places to see once you have your wheels. I had the rental for a day so I chose first to head out to Boone Hall Plantation for its stunning entryway. Then headed back and out to the end of Folly Island. Grab some seafood while your around here. On the way back you can shoot over to the Angel Oak Tree before the days over.

Pro Tip: On your way back into Charleston with this itinerary stop at the Holiday Inn Charleston Riverview. They have the best top floor photo grab view of the city in town.

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