guadeloupe splendors

guadeloupe with the leisure mens leather slip on

Island exploration will always be one of my favorite wanders. Particularly for the approach you can plan for. I cannot emphasize enough how much more you get out of rounding an entire island. And by that--I mean new stays along the way, not heading back to home base everyday. This way your stays become apart of each days new itinerary. City, beach, jungle hills etc. you can experience so much more for your coin and often save.

One such island that is ideal for this is Guadeloupe, its France in the Caribbean! So the itinerary went rental car from airport, drove and stayed in Trois Rivieres in an Airbnb. Dinner on the deck in the jungle with some local food I picked up along the way. You stay here because, bright and early, you will head down the jungle road to the boat transfer over to Terre-de-Haut.

Now you're on fantasy island. Terre-de-Haut is that small island cove you've dreamt of. Low key, scooter only, fantastic seafood right on the gentle water and other small island hops. You could really just make this your trip...but dont. As hard as it is, catch your boat back early morning and get ready for a jungle hike.

Back with your car you're now headed for the La Soufrière hike. In advance, if you are not familiar with challenging hikes, this is not for you. Map something else out as you head north to our next stay at Grande-Anse Beach area. This is one of the most amazing beaches you'll ever find. And some great local restaurants just steps away in your leather slip ons.

Early morning again and some decent driving left. Next stop the northern most tip then back down south to stay on the water near the airport. On your way to the tip though stop for lunch at Restaurante Loceane. You'll love it.

Find yourself a good spot on the southern side, on the water, and relax before you head home. This is the more "City" area so a whole-nother world to explore if you're up for it.

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