hong kong on foot

Hong Kong with the wander mens leather slip on

In advance my best to Hong Kong during this time. HK was my first ever stop in Asia and it was such an enjoyably-diverse and eccentric place. When you land you'll use the high speed rail system to HK island, then switch to the HK island rail system that goes back-n-forth on the island.

I chose to stay around the Wan Chai stop, Central Plaza area, for strategic reasons. This area puts you in the middle to easily hit your marks: 1.) Victoria Peak walk 2.) City walk and make sure extra attention to HK SoHo district. It has accents of English rule felt randomly throughout; the streets are ascetically faced with some of the best Asian street art and you could spend days in countless collectables shops. A very mild hint if you visit, so not to ruin it, there is a very specific place to eat in the area for dinner. It is known for being unknown, to find or enter. Good luck and enjoy the really cool experience. 3.) Dragons Back Hike 4.) Dressed semi formal with your leather slip ons and take the boat across the bay to Tsim Sha Tsui. Make dinner reservation at one of the great viewing spots for the nightly light show.

It all goes exceptionally well with the use of your feet, rail and bus and if you want to skip public trans just take a cab. Well now your ready to get out of the city by taking the same system that brought you to the island. What I suggest now is booking a room near the airport. This will be base camp from which you can now explore Lantau Island and be situated to leave easily from the airport.

The must do is Tai O Village and the Tian Tan Buddha. My suggestion, which I didn't do but learned, is take the tram to the Buddha, then bus to and back from Tai O and then take the tram down. This whole area is also filled with fantastic hiking. Make some time for this part of trip. After your exploration of the area you then return closely for your flight.

Pro Tip: If you visit during the warm season there is, surprisingly, some really nice beach areas around the Dragons Back Hike area. Or enjoy your pool.

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