lima for 2 days

lima for 2 days

Lima...a very significant place in my memory forever. It was my first stop on my journey into the international world. In hindsight, I should have spent more time and gone far deeper but thats hindsight for ya. There was a great deal from LA to Lima, to Miami then on to Rome so I figured pop into Lima. And so very grateful I did, even for a short time.

I arrived mid day so after getting through, what is very very crazy, Lima District traffic it was already getting late arriving at my hotel. To seek refuge from the hustle-and-bustle my first stay was in the fantastic Barranco District at Casa Falleri Boutique Hotel set in a circa-1916 mansion. It-is-special. If a fine rustic antique/architectural vibe with dining or drinks to match sounds right, yes, this is the place for you. The perfect intro to what will be a very enjoyed cultural and arts experience. I refreshed and had a cocktail waiting for me. I opted to get out and took a walk to an area favorite La 73. Yet another great note to my intro to the area.

Bed time. And then up early for a much anticipated walk through the area. But first coffee. You're nicely situated to start your morning visiting several Peruvian arts and cultural stops. Then just head south for a calm and thoroughly enjoyed day through countless art stores, museums, architecture and parks. One of my favorite stops: MATE Museum Exhibiting Peruvian photographer Mario Testino's images along with contemporary international works. And for lunch, the mouth watering word I'd been waiting for Cevichería. There's many, I went with El Muelle.

After a very enjoyed day I moved on to my next area to stay and explore before leaving. A bit north to Miraflores. The Beverly Hills of Lima.  An exclusive residential and upscale shopping district. I chose to stay at an Ibis Hotel, a metro easy hotel in the lower end of Miraflores. The ocean front imagery of this area is what most are familiar with seeing. But that's for tomorrow. Been a long day so just dinner in my room and some rest.

There's nothing better, well there is but this is one, than an early morning coffee walking in a new city. I chose this area strategically to begin my walk. Just a bit further south then loop and walk the entire ocean front of Miraflores. A really great walk through high end shopping, restaurants, parks and activities all perched on the cliffs edge of the ocean. After that I looped again and came through the main metro street. A vibrant and bustling area with endless lunch spots trafficked by the working careers in the area. I just grabbed bites along the way as I kept walking.

After a long day of exploring in my leather slip ons I returned, refreshed and rested in my room. Then on to my final dinner in Lima at Restaurante Alfresco. A fantastic seafood spot both elegant and honest with an open floor and kitchen and freshly displayed seafood. An very enjoyed octopus dish with several glasses of wine while reminiscing my short visit in Lima. I look forward to returning. Lima is a city to be enjoyed and explored. And fantastic beach areas in the warm months. A visit here stands on its own even if there isn't time for Machu Picchu. On to Rome in the morning.

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