slip ons fall looks 2019

Ok lets get started with mens leather slip ons fall looks 2019. Be sure to checkout the summers looks if your looking for warmer weather ideas. This post will be updated with new looks throughout the fall/winter season. Updates will come through our newsletter or instagram. So here's a trick to apply this fall. It's simple and you don't have to buy a whole new seasons worth of clothes. If you read the summers looks post you'll know by now the key is getting the most from your clothes. Its both ethical and cost saving for money you could be spending on wanders.

mens leather slip ons fall looks 2019 indie prep

First choose your favorite loud color (red was chosen here). Next source out where to grab your chosen color in accessories: socks, suspenders, belt, tie, handkerchief, undershirt get point. And that's it. Now just start paring with your existing fall clothing. You have now created your very own fall 2019 collection from your existing closet items.

The styling here is intended to pay homage to a more rustic take on classic americana style. As opposed to the always refined classic prep look. First we took the classic polo and chino look and gave it a rough chop and worn knee. Proper Rustic. Second we took a classic dapper look and eased it up with a loose linen shirt and stripe socks. Relaxed Dapper. Last we just took a classic easy sunday sweats look and livened it up with the seasons color touch. Casual Class.

mens leather slip ons fall looks 2019 indie prep

If you'd prefer, slight edits can easily be made here to sharpen the looks. For example, the first you could replace the worn chino pant, the second replace with a dress shirt and sock. The last, easy Sunday look isn't supposed to be sharp, go with it.

mens leather slip ons fall looks 2019 indie prep

For a warmer winter look we followed the same feel just warmed them up a bit. Proper Rustic we went with classic denim, a dry fit tee and added a four front pocket zip jacket with a cap. A blazer with a polo, raw denim and knit hat for Relaxed Dapper. And a mid trench, dry fit tee with a knit hat for Casual Class. Enjoy the season!

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