slip ons summer looks 2019

Welcome to buoyed's first of many seasonal looks post. You can expect to find classic americana styles with a buoyed Indie Prep touch season to season. Always comfortable and minimal with tips on all things men leather slip ons.

mens leather slip ons and pants indie prep

Ok, to get things started, as for every summer here forth, do a bottoms (meaning slacks, jeans, chinos etc.) check up. Decide if you're tired of anything that could become a short. Although not used here, this also goes for long sleeves to make short sleeves. Its a simple $10 hem at your go-to. This really is a smart move for those with work attire build up.

mens leather slip ons summer looks 2019 indie prep

For a sharp modern look go with a pair of slack shorts. Their light, airy and give a polished look to an otherwise relaxed season. If your not a shorts guy this might work for you. Next, pair it with a good tee. And by that I don't mean expensive, I just mean something ring spun or has a polyester blend. Lastly, depending on your color pallet grab your leather slip ons.

For our next option, from what I've gathered some will just not do, we have a jean short. Whatever your reason hear me out. What I like about them, simply put, is their jeans. And like jeans, they provide a certain level of grit to a relaxed look. Then contrast it with some relaxed class with your favorite polo. Grab your brown leather slip ons and now you're casually correct.

If its classic you're after, and by far with leather slip ons, it will forever and always be chino shorts and a button up. For some, like jean shorts, they just will not go here. Its too preppy. And I would say, alright, so make some easy edits and your cruising. For example, swap The Leisure (beige) with The Slick (black) and swap the button up color with a light gray. Now you have a classic pairing made urban with color choices.

Pro Tip: No-see socks are intended here. But if you wanted to add another layer of style you could add an ankle to mid dress sock.

mens leather slip ons shorts and socks indie prep

Sweatpants are the perfect pairing for highlighting the diversity of the mens leather slip ons intended minimal design. As you probably know by now, and if not take a look around about us, the buoyed slip on was conceived for the diversity that's required during travel. Shoes take up a lot of packing space so you really want something for all scenarios including commuting.

Mens Leather Slip Ons and Sweatpants indie prep

And speaking of commuting the key is comfort, but lets be honest, you want to look good for the approach of your big trip. Thus, in 3 styled options you have slips & sweats. Depending on your taste, you could go long sleeve, polo or tee. Either way you go, here's some specifics with each to consider.

If you like to stay professional go with a button up. There is many to choose from, but after traveling the world, I suggest to you linen. If you'd like to relax a bit but still prefer a collar go polo. Here I suggest polyester, or at least, a high polyester cotton blend. Likewise if you choose to fully relax with a tee. I really suggest full polyester though with the tee. It looks much more professional as a tee by contrasting the material of the cotton sweats.

But hey, this isn't just about travel, the above reviewed is just as applicable to your weekends or days off. You want to relax a bit, get things done, be comfy and still look respectable. This is a take on a solution.

Hope you enjoyed our first seasonal looks post. Please let us know your thoughts below. And stay tuned for the mens leather slip ons fall looks shortly.


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