puerto vallarta old town adventure

puerto vallarta old town adventure with the leisure mens leather slip on

I had been to PV several times before but this time I felt like I did it right. First, you have to stay in Old Town, you have too. You really miss the charm of PV without. And just popping-in-and-out from the hotel zone doesn't provide what you're looking for. You need to walk through the vibrant neighborhood after dinner, at one of many great restaurants, on the way back to your hotel. And you defiantly need to wake up there early, grab a fresh cup and walk the charm.

For me I went with the classic and rustic comfort of the Hotel Posada de Roger. One of the originals. A great classic patio area. And perfectly located with a pool to enjoy, with a refreshment, after your early morning walk. I went end to end on each street and really enjoyed my morning. The back ends, away from the beach, of the streets is where the great local finds are. Have breakfast at Mariscos el Colera and for dinner hidden away up on the hill El Palomar de los González. 

Once I enjoyed the pleasure of Old Town for a couple days it was time for some beach life. And I mean secluded beach life. The kind you search for. If you've packed more than a comfortably mobile case you'll need to down size. I'd be catching the local bus bright and early to Boca de Tomatlan. From here I took a water taxi to a very special place: Yelapa.

Go before it becomes anything else. I wont go into detail so as to leave it to you to find as I did. I will however say stay in the village. Its very tempting to stay on the beach stretch but its a trek to enjoy the evening in the village. Maybe do both. And just really, really enjoy. I've been all over the world now and I loved it.

Its one of those hard-to-leave scenarios as you pull away in the water taxi. Its a beautiful ride. But that's not it! There is still one more piece to this gem of an itinerary. I was heading back for the finally sunset dinner, and stay if you choose, at Grand Miramar. A finale champagne dinner overlooking the PV coast. My  leather slip ons fit in nicely here.

ProTip: Yelapa is also a great spot for water tours. Considering fishing and eating your dinner fresh that evening. Or getting out to Playa Escondida.

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