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Its long been known as a college town and for baseball training. But the truth is, Scottsdale, old town that is, is like a funky Southwest Palm Springs. As opposed to a Hollywood influence, Southwest is the prevalent influence both traditionally and modernly throughout the towns art, architecture, ambiance and mood. Not to mention some great food and hikes to burn it off. 

For west coasties its just a simple scooch of a flight away. And for the east its worth the hall late winter/early spring. The Phoenix airport is really simple and so is the driving in the area. Grab a rental and in about 15-20min you'll be at the first stay for the evening. Just in time for some pool and a refreshment before sun down at Hotel Adeline. My favorite type of hotel and it smells great too. Modern with motel vintage-chic style rooms squared around the pool area with a southwest stylish eatery/bar and outdoor patio. And to top it off a secret speakeasy whisky bar. The value is one of the better I've seen, you really should/could just stay put here and be fine. But one hips and hops and tomorrows another day.

Up around 8am for some coffee and a lite bite. Take your time and let the temp lift a bit before a morning hike. Late winter/early spring the days are perfect but mornings and evenings can be chilly. There's several options for a morning hike just minutes from town or 20-30min outside of town. One being Pinnacle Peak Park which is highly recommended. All are great desert view hikes but also all will be crowded, its just how it goes around here, especially early spring. But worth it, because now its time for some more earned pool time at the next stay. And situated perfectly in the center of old town for walking convenience. The fun and funky Saguaro.

This will be headquarters for the rest of the trip so on the way back from the hike grab some essentials from the room. Upon arrival at reception you'll be greeted with a very friendly and modern take on southwest color and style. The Saguaro grounds is made up of 2 pool areas and surrounding accommodations. Retro in feel but with southwest intention. Including the eatery and tequila line-up. But really where you'll be most of your time is at the main pool enjoying the bright and friendly mood of the throwback theme. And when you're good and ready all that-is old town is just steps away in your leather slip ons. An evening stroll under the light-strung-streets for dinner at Hula's. An airy modern take on Hawaiian with some really unique and delicious flavors. The perfect bite to end your bright and funky day.

The next morning, on your way to an architectural pleasure, is a stop for a breakfast sandwich at Prep & Pastry. Fantastic breakfast options, fresh pastries and a warm friendly environment. After that pleasure its on to another. Just a quick 15min drive outside town on the desert hillside you arrive at Taliesin West. A short but extremely impressive viewing of Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home compound. Its--very--worth the visit and a perfect start to your arts and cultural viewing day. Then its back to the hotel where the front doorsteps began an art loop around town. It starts with the "Love" sculpture and just aside is the amphitheater and contemporary arts buildings. From there its an enjoyed walk through the plethora of southwest influenced art galleries and historic stops. A great mix of both modern and tradition converging. 

And after all that you again have the pool and a refreshment awaiting for your return. One last several hour stretch of pool relaxing before your last evening dinner. (This, all the while the rest of the country has frigid temperatures early spring.) But there's one last thing to take care of and thats a southwest dinner. And there's a long list to choose from, culinary could/should be a trip of its own around here. But this trip was more about funky and connivence. That said you really wouldn't go wrong having dinner at the hotels southwest eatery. Or if you prefer one last walk, under old towns charming lit streets, there's Los Olivos to grab your rustic southwestern fix. A long family owned cave-like dwelling, funky and traditional. And thats a wrap, flight out in the morning.

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