silp ons fall looks 2022

As the fire crackle’s nearby we introduce mens leather slip ons fall’22 looks. Be sure to checkout the summer looks if you haven't been following. This post will be updated with new looks throughout the fall season. Or stay updated through Instagram. The styling for this fall is inspired by the eclectic moods of a “backyard”. A cozy place, with a rustic tone, to share and enjoy old and new traditions. A return to oneself in a way only the cooling air can induce. And as always, to respectably bridge classic feels with street and dress looks. As opposed to an always refined take.

mens leather slip ons fall looks

To fit the bill for the season we gathered denim blues, greens, browns, grays and gold items. Carrying over any past season items that made sense. To start we introduce the season with a buoyed take on a classic. A forest green fleece zip vest over a kelly green graphic tee. Then Paired with brown corduroy pants and tucked with nordic print wool socks. And finishing with a gold cap, classic oval tortoise sunglasses and a leather band necklace. Next we took a brown sweatshirt, with an iron-on denim patch, over a forest green polyester tee. Then paired with gray trunks over brown leggings, gold socks and blue bandana. And lastly, we took a denim button, with gold square knit tie, and paired over hunter green cargo scrub pants. And finished with gray socks and a brown, oversized length, dress belt.

mens leather slip ons fall looks

To start, a brown short sleeve double pocket button over a kelly green northern tourist tee. Paired with gray slim denim and nordic socks. And finished with fingerless gold gloves and a leather band necklace. Next a sleeveless gray polyester hoody over a gold polyester tee. Paired with chopped gray sweat shorts over gray polyester leggings. And finished with kelly green socks, blue bandana and classic oval tortoise sunglasses. And last, our look for the season, a hunter green lab coat, with denim iron-on elbow patches, over a a gold polyester tee. Paired with distressed vintage levis and gray socks. A light brown trapper cap and leather band necklace.

mens leather slip ons fall looks

For the last set of the season we start with a gold v-neck sweater over a denim button. Paired with brown corduroy pants a gray socks. And finished with a forest green winter cap and classic oval tortoise sunglasses. Next a forest green nylon coach jacket over a kelly green graphic tee. Paired with classic gray sweatpants, with a denim iron-on patch, and nordic wool socks. And finished with a blue bandana, gold finger-less knit gloves and leather band necklace. And lastly, a gray corduroy button with a blue knit square tie. Paired with hunter green cargo scrub pants, kelly green socks and a gold cap to finish.

Stay tuned for spring'23 looks. And please let us know your thoughts below.


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