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slip ons fall looks 2020

So here we are with mens leather slip ons fall looks 2020. Be sure to checkout the summer looks if your looking for warmer weather ideas. This post will be updated with new looks throughout the fall/winter season. Stay updated through Instagram. The styling for this fall is inspired by the mood of our favorite "hole in the wall" drink and dine spots around the world. Never to stiff nor to loose. Authentic. The sweet spot in ambiance, style and service. It's also our intention to shed light and support the concept of these special spots. The ones that held a first date, a weekly meet-up with friends or simply enjoyed solo. So here's to revisiting and finding new spots when the establishments need it most. And doing so in style. Cheers.

mens leather slip ons fall looks 2020

As always, to respectably bridge classic feels with street and dress looks. As opposed to an always refined take. For our first look of fall we took a simple but classic look and livened it with our fall color pallet and a touch of vintage. Over a polyester fall green tee, from last fall, we started the look with a thin microfiber brown fleece. We then paired with khaki slacks carried over from summer. But to take the look from going too simple and loose we styled with a trouser-sock-tuck with a fall burgundy dress sock. Lastly pairing it all with a hi-rolled navy winter cap. Prep is Punk.

Next we imagined a casual, sporty but respectable take on comfort. Again over the polyester fall green tee we used a navy mock neck long sleeve tee. Then paired with fall gray nylon wind pants over fall green dress socks. And lastly to tie it all together, while creating contrast, we paired with a loose burgundy vintage scarf. Sport the Rock.

And for our last look of the set, a more refined take, the ideal example of this fall's mood. Over a fall gray long sleeve polyester tee we used a classic brown herringbone dress vest. Then paired with navy slacks, from last fall, over fall burgundy dress socks. And finishing the look with a fall green dress belt. Refined Alternative.

Stay tuned for the next set of looks for the fall season.

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