slip ons spring looks 2020

A new year with new looks to transition. A--fresh--feel has always made spring looks my favorite mood. A reboot, a looks pallet cleanse, a spring cleaning if you will. Take your pick. And in my mind the best way to represent this is a buoyed take on nautical. A classic fresh. If you haven't been following be sure to checkout fall looks if your looking for cooler weather ideas. This post will be updated with new looks throughout the 2020 spring season. Updates will come through our newsletter or instagram.

Again, use the trick reviewed for fall to gather this look. You surely have some blue, khaki and gray items in your closet and possibly some stripes and light blue. Use what you have and just source some light blue pairings: socks, suspenders, belt, tie, handkerchief, undershirt etc...and mix it up. Make your own nautical fresh looks with your slip ons. The styling here is intended to pay homage to a retro nautical take. As always, to respectably bridge classic feels with street and dress looks. As opposed to an always refined take.

slip ons spring looks 2020

So first we took a spring classic, a beige mid trench and denim look, and gave it some subtle tweaks. For the mid trench we used a great trick, we used a fitted lab coat. Its half the cost of any mid trench coat you'll find and lighter weight. We styled with rolled sleeves to give more contrast and expose the white long sleeve dry fit under shirt. Again a staple you'll continue to find in our looks posts both long and short sleeve. The 100% polyester dry fit tee's just feel great and add a little more classy styling than a cotton tee. Next we paired with retro denim in a regular fit and chopped them for the hem. And finally the touch of light blue with the exposed dress sock. Casually Coasting.

For our next look we went relaxed with timeless gray sweats. We roll-pegged for further exposure of the khaki dress sock. Keeping it still relaxed but cleaned-up we paired with a light blue dry fit tee layered over a short sleeve striped collar. Easy Breezy. And lastly for our sharpened look we went monochromatic with gray slacks and paired with a lighter gray dress shirt. Then accented the look with the pop of a light blue belt and navy dress socks. Freshly Mannered.

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