slip ons spring looks 2021

After a--very--funky 2020, and Orgone playing in the background, we introduce mens leather slip ons spring looks 2021. Be sure to checkout the fall looks if your looking for winter weather ideas. This post will be updated with new looks throughout the spring season. Stay updated through Instagram. The styling for this spring is inspired by the elephant in the room. There's no way around it. Things have been funky. So thats exactly how we approached the spring mood. With an appreciation to all things funky, a bit corky and all soul. And as always, to respectably bridge classic feels with street and dress looks. As opposed to an always refined take.

mens leather slip ons spring looks 2021

For the first look, to transition in the season, we carried over the brown micro fleece and green high folded winter cap from fall. Then we paired it over a funky short sleeve, the seasons mood print, with all the seasons color. And lastly we went with royal blue chinos with a high roll over green socks. Mind Your Funk
The next look we created a sporty version of the spring mood. Over a yellow long sleeve tee we have a royal blue short sleeve henley. Then paired with light weight hiker cargo's with zip-away shorts and draw-string bottoms. And lastly to finish the mood with classic stripe green socks. Soul Searching. The last look for the set is our sharper look for the season yet corky. For this round we kept it simple with a green pocketed short sleeve tee with slim brown leather overalls. Then we carried over a pair of vintage denim from fall and sliced the knee. And to finish with a pair of yellow socks. Corky Cool

mens leather slip ons spring looks 2021

To start the second set we grabbed a royal blue polo and carried over brown slacks from fall. Then we paired with a yellow braided belt and classic stripe green socks to peak through. Corky Cool. The next look we went with a classic laid back spring look. Over a yellow tee we have a green long sleeve tee sized to allow the under shirt to hang shown. Then paired with some chopped jean shorts to make use of unused jeans. And lastly to give some life with classic stripe blue socks. Soul Searching. The last look for the set is all character from this seasons mood. We have a classic sportsmen vest over our funky short sleeve. Next we paired with royal blue nylon jogger pants from fall. And lastly finished the look with yellow socks and a green cap. Mind Your Funk

mens leather slip ons spring looks 2021

For the last set we transition with more warmer weather ideas. To start we took a classic green baseball tee paired with brown cargo shorts. Then accessorized with blue socks, a yellow braided belt and a nylon active cap. Soul Searching. Next we went boho beach with our mood print button over a blue henley tee and paired with green trunks. We rolled the sleeves and threw in some classic yellow stripe socks and called it good. Mind Your Funk. And lastly, for a funky take on formal, we took a yellow polo with a brown linen tie and paired it with khaki slacks. The added blue socks and a green leather belt to finish this funky formal look. Corky Cool.

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