slip ons spring looks 2023

With unorthodox intentions we introduce mens leather slip ons fall’22 looks. Be sure to checkout the fall looks if you haven't been following. This post will be updated with new looks leading into the spring season. Or stay updated through Instagram. The styling for this spring is inspired by a mannered Avant-garde. A tasteful interpretation of experimental, radical and unexpected. With a nod to the youthful spirit we are all challenged to pursue. And as always, to respectably bridge classic feels with street and dress looks. As opposed to an always refined take.

mens leather slip ons spring looks 2023

To begin we gathered an electric pop of color including neon yellow, gold, khaki and denim blues. Carrying over denim and a couple other pieces from the fall season. And unorthodoxly mismatched socks and slip on colors. We introduce the season with a fresh transition from fall to spring. A light blue pull-on shell over a sun-bleached denim blue sweatshirt. Then paired with slim khaki jeans and mismatched gold and neon yellow socks. And finishing with a neon yellow cap, classic bright blue chrome sunglasses and fingerless gold knit gloves. Next we took a brown a khaki sleeveless hoody-zip over a gold polyester tee. Then paired with denim blue sweatpants, gold socks and a neon yellow backpack with eclectic acrylic pins. And lastly, we took a polyester denim blue polo and paired with worn denim jeans from fall. And finished with neon yellow socks, hanging gold suspenders and the classic bright chrome blue sunglasses.

mens leather slip ons spring looks 2023

For the next set we started with a custom neon print, sleeveless tee paired with straight fit chinos in gold and capri rolled them. And to finish a denim blue hip bag with an eclectic pin mix, neon yellow and denim blue mismatched socks and a neon cap. Next we took a gold vintage stripe polyester button over a white tank and paired with neon yellow shorts over denim blue leggings. And finished with a khaki sun visor with an eclectic pin mix and waist tied a light blue pull-on shell. Lastly,  a classic denim button over a denim blue tank paired with denim blue plaid slim trousers. And finished with neon yellow and gold mismatched socks and classic bright blue chrome sunglasses.

Stay tuned for the next set coming shortly. And please let us know your thoughts.


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