slip ons summer looks 2020

For summer we'll always transition in a spring item friendly way. So many of the spring looks items can get some continued use with a summer take. And that summer take is an imaginary one this year. Unlike any other summer it is questionable how travel will look or even a beach or pool day. So the hope and idea, at the very least, is that some type of summer enjoyment can take place. Even if that's just a refreshment on your deck in the sun. And when it does our summer looks inspire the fun careless days of the Tropics and the calm refined moods of the Mediterranean. A Tropiterranean summer.

We dropped gray from the spring color pallet and added orange and aquatic for summer. But khaki, navy, light blue and stripe items are all still in play. Use what you have and just source orange and aquatics for pairings: socks, tanks, belts, shorts, undershirt etc...and mix it up. Make your own thoughtfully inspired Tropiterranean looks with your slip ons. As always, to respectably bridge classic feels with street and dress looks. As opposed to an always refined take.

slip ons summer looks 2020 indie prep

To start we gathered the classic of beach looks. Pulling the handy khaki lab coat from spring to start. Again proving itself as a smart grab. Inexpensive, light and now after using it in spring you can use it carelessly. More importantly it gives some optional warmth and casual coverage, when needed, over a light blue tank. Then we paired with a nautical strip short and a denim bucket cap. With the bucket cap our take is to fold and iron the back lip to make a relaxed Fedora. Politely Careless.

Next, for an edgy-er take, we chopped the arms off a navy button-up and paired it over a light blue aquatic print tee. Then paired with the chopped khaki shorts from spring and summer orange socks. An Edgy Excused. And lastly, for our more refined look, we took a light blue polyester button up and relaxed it with a lazy fish bone denim tie. Then we paired with straight fit light denim and khaki socks. Casually Refined.

slip ons summer looks 2020 indie prep

So we continue with the classic of beach looks. Again using the handy khaki lab coat from spring to start. But this time we just swapped out the look with some different color ways. Going with a navy tank and orange shorts this time. A classic color pairing that highlights retro beach. Politely Careless.

For our second edgy-er take, we chopped the legs off some jeans from fall for shorts. Then paired with the light blue sweatshirt from spring and added orange socks for some pop. An Edgy Excused. For our next refined look, we again went with a polyester button up, this time in white, and left relaxed on its own. To further refine we paired with khaki slacks and an orange belt for an intended loose tuck. Last we added the bucket cap, gone Fedora, for a comfortable yet classy warm summer evening look. Casually Refined.

This post will be updated with new looks throughout the 2020 summer season. Updates will come through our newsletter and instagram.

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