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slip ons summer looks 2021

With simple pleasures in mind we introduce mens leather slip ons summer looks 2021. Be sure to checkout the spring looks if you haven't been following. This post will be updated with new looks throughout the summer season. Stay updated through Instagram. The styling for this summer is inspired by simple summer days. Like the ones imagined during the warm breezy days at a secluded age-old location. Maybe lakeside, coastal or even a grassy field. Environments that stir a warm and casually refined tone with rustic and even dingy character. With an appreciation to perfectly imperfect. And as always, to respectably bridge classic feels with street and dress looks. As opposed to an always refined take.

mens leather slip ons summer looks 2021

 We gathered whites, beige's, browns and yellow for a modern pop to a neutral pallet. And all whites we soaked in coffee water to give an off-white dingy tone.  To start we begin with a summer classic. A dingy white v-neck tee tucked with high lifted beige trunks and dingy white socks. And lastly, our iconic piece for the season, a yellow wind shell hoody jacket. Easy Breezy. Next, for a sporty feel we put a beige tank top over a long sleeve activewear tee. Then paired with dingy white chopped jean shorts and yellow socks. Hey Sport. And lastly, for a rustic take on casually refined, a dingy white linen button up with double chest pockets. We front tucked with high lifted brown slacks and a yellow braided belt. Properly Occasioned.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the summer season.

And let us know your thoughts below.


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