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Stavanger With The Wander Mens Leather Slip On

I flew into Stavanger and drove directly to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) through the night. I tried to sleep a couple in the parking lot as I waited for my target time. About 2hrs before sunrise I headed out with my cellphone flashlight, water & chewy bars. I hiked through the dark to arrive and wait for the most memorable morning of my life. Sunrise at Preikestolen.

When I arrived back to the lodge all hikers know this moment: the rush subsiding. The calm of completion and its memories while slipping out of your gear to something comfortable. Your leather slip ons await with a cup of joe, early morning, at Preikestolen lodge.

I gathered myself and headed back to Stavanger to check into my hotel and walk the city. And what an amazingly beautiful "head back" it is. Norway has a very northwest feel, just so very calm. The feeling I got here I've never had before and it's a good one, just difficult to explain.

The next day before my flight I drove out past the airport area to a really unexpectedly beautiful view: a straw grass white sand beach with surfing. After all I had seen till this point in such a beautiful area it was just unexpected to me. Take a look before you fly out.

Pro Tip: The hike is not a difficult one at all and clearly marked. I highly recommend the sunrise. But even better, I suggest a spot with all the available camping and grab a sunset and sunrise.

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