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  • slip ons fall looks 2020

    The styling for this fall is inspired by the mood of our favorite hole-in-the-wall drink and dine spots around the world. Never to stiff nor to loose. Authentic. The sweet spot in ambiance, style and service.
  • slip ons summer looks 2020

    For summer we will always transition in a spring item friendly way. So many of the spring looks items will get some continued use with a summer take. And that summer take is an imaginary one this year.
  • slip ons spring looks 2020

    A new year with new looks to transition. A--fresh--feel has always made spring looks our favorite mood. A reboot, a looks pallet cleanse, a spring cleaning if you will. Take your pick.
  • slip ons fall looks 2019

    Ok lets get started with mens leather slip ons fall looks 2019. Be sure to checkout the summers looks if your looking for warmer weather ideas. Thi...
  • slip ons summer looks 2019

    Welcome to buoyed's first of many seasonal looks post. You can expect to find classic americana styles with a buoyed Indie Prep touch season to season. Always comfortable and minimal with tips on all things men leather slip ons.