wanders, looks and news

  • san pancho pleasure

    There is few destinations that elicit a drifter spirit quite like Mexico; for Americans at least. From age-old story telling, to music and films it...
  • greece at last

    Greece...what a place, everything I'd hoped for and so, so much more. But this would not have been truly imagined at a single location. And most ce...
  • los alamos wine trail

    Lets be honest, anywhere that has to do with wine can typically be a bit pretentious and less down-to-earth than you'd expect from the artisan spir...
  • scottsdale scooch

    Its long been known as a college town and for baseball training. But the truth is, Scottsdale, old town that is, is like a funky Southwest Palm Springs. As opposed to a Hollywood influence, Southwest is the prevalent influence both traditionally and modernly throughout the towns art, architecture, ambiance and mood. Not to mention some great food and hikes to burn it off. 
  • clearwater beach discoverd

    Between the pool, the softest beach sand ever, like flour, you'll enjoy great pull up seafood lunch and drinks at Beach Fire Grill and dinner sunset at Frenchy's. Your days will read much like the friendly and easy going nature of an Adam Sandler vacation movie. With all the mix of characters included.
  • new orleans fall stroll

    Aww New Orleans. A hugely miss represented pleasure from my perspective. Yes you can visit and easily find your way into drunken debauchery. But the place has some great approaches for visits otherwise. Particularly for a weekend visit during the fall for perfect weather and Covids crowd reduction effect. Thus allowing for a calm and enjoyed stroll through the Big Easy's preferred stops.
  • a day in la

    Head back downtown to a room at one of downtown's newest hotels: Hotel Figueroa. A unbeatable value, with on-point styling and one-of-few hotels with a functioning pool, bar and restaurant in downtown. A true oasis in the concrete jungle of Downtown LA.
  • puerto vallarta old town adventure

    I had been to PV several times before but this time I felt like I did it right. First, you have to stay in Old Town, you have to. You really miss the charm of PV without. And just popping-in-and-out from the hotel zone doesn't provide what your looking for. You need to walk through the vibrant neighborhood after dinner, at one of many great restaurants, on the way back to your hotel. And you defiantly need to wake up there early, grab a fresh cup and walk the charm.
  • austin weird for a weekend

    I came across a great fare so I finally grabbed Austin for a weekend. And right before the Coronavirus but the itinerary can still be enjoyed with minimal effects. Austin's been quite the talk for years now so I was curious to visit. The weather was also perfect for a walk around downtown and a short hike outside the city. So off with a quick flight.
  • hanoi bucket list check

    The first thing I noticed as I taxied away from Hanoi Airport was the smell. In a good way. It was a tropical smokey scent and it excited me. Almost like the great memories you have of campfires but in a tropical foreign land. I knew in that moment that this trip would be different. It would be a gladly embraced and accepted adventure. I arrived to my hotel, The Light Hotel, late in the evening so I just reviewed my tour itinerary with the kind staff, got situated in my room and had dinner on the rooftop.
  • knoxville smoky mountain retreat

    I came rolling into to town through the open fields of the freeway. A nice introduction to the area before entering the city; one I had always wanted to see being raised on the west coast. From the open fields to a sprawling little city with its downtown perched right along the Tennessee River.
  • yosemite at last

    After all the wandering around I did in California it took me to move out to return to visit Yosemite. Go figure...and glad as heck I finally did. With all the exposure of travel these days I find myself, and I think I'm not alone, questioning a visit to one of the classics. As opposed to finding something new. And the point is if you haven't been it is new. So I got going.