wanders, looks and news

  • washington wanders

    Over the past year I was in-and-out of Washington quite a bit. So for this post, unlike a destination type rundown, I'll just throw out some things I did to consider.
  • vancouver island escape

    In my perspective the most underrated itineraries in the Northwest. Visiting Vancouver island is a cool thing, in that you get all the classic Northwest (Seattle, coffee, rain, sun and a ferry ride through the beautiful San Juan's) and end up in whats very Euroesque.
  • hong kong on foot

    In advance my best to Hong Kong during this time. HK was my first ever stop in Asia and it was such an enjoyably-diverse and eccentric place.
  • guadeloupe splendors

    Island exploration will always be one of my favorite wanders. Particularly for the approach you can plan for. I cannot emphasize enough how much more you get out of rounding an entire island.
  • stavanger sunrise

    I flew into Stavanger and drove directly to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) through the night. I tried to sleep a couple hours in the parking lot as I waited for my target time.
  • yucatán roadtrip

    This is a road trip approach to the area and a highly recommended one at that. Your going to be doing some driving, in the middle of nowhere, so rental wisely.
  • amalfi coast then rome

    Now, you're probably here to visit Rome as well. My suggestion is do Amalfi first then head back to Rome. You can ditch your rental and explore Rome by foot and conveniently get to the airport by rail.