todos santos leaves an impression

todos santos leaves an impression
A very-very good one. Like most I had done many getaways to Cabo over years. And like most always overlooking TD. But this time I didn't. I wanted something off the typical path of Cabo and just as easy. Yet still safe, comfortably accommodating and relaxing. TD is everything Cabo isn't, it's still low-key.

First things first, and is why many probably overlook TD, is around a 1.5hr drive out of the airport. So I needed a rental. I could have taken a shuttle but I wanted to have my own ride, this is key, to explore around the area. Its a very easy and highly maintained highway drive and some great coastal views along the way. Before you role into TD there's some great taco stops along the road in El Pescadero, I'd be saving my appetite for later. Along the coast in this area is where you'll find a long list of ocean front stays, bars and restaurants and water activities. But I was headed just a bit further north to experience the more tranquil and relaxed area in and around TD.

I pulled off into the dusty entry of TD later in the afternoon. Quickly finding my first stay, on the more manicured strip of town, at Hotel California. Regardless of your take on the story behind the place it's the perfect introductory first night stay. Well serviced and maintained with classic rustic style. I was lucky enough to grab the choice room balconyed above the pool. A poem-like-rustic-surrounding I enjoyed shortly after the bags dropped. Along with my first refreshment of course. I enjoyed until the sun dropped behind view and was ready for dinner. The hotel is adjoined with the continued rustic charm of an outdoor dinning area and bar to enjoy. I however was headed for a short walk down the street to Fish Taco Santo Chilote. I had waited for this all day: Street side pricing, fantastic fish tacos, a house margarita, outdoor plastic chair seating and traditional music floats the air as the sunset.

The next morning I was up early to enjoy coffee and a bite at the hotel. Then I checked out, I'd be trying something new later, and headed to Punta Lobos to enjoy the beach. A great little coved area with the entire beach stretching north with little to no heads in sight. This is also the location of Hotel San Cristóbal one of very few small hotels on this stretch of beautiful beach. After relaxing for a couple hours I was ready for some more Taco's. I was headed back down the road to El Pescadero. Then I headed back into town to check into my next stay at Guaycura Boutique Hotel. A fantastic place still traditional rustic with contemporary mix and the best rooftop pool in town. I'd be back for that.

Now settled in my new place it was time for a mid-day walk around town. And a very enjoyed walk it is. Its the type of safe and calm walk through tradition, arts, community and food filled air you'd hope to find. I refreshed at the rooftop pool then got ready for my much anticipated dinner. Everywhere you go in this area is calm and what a luxury it is. And the epitome of this is arriving and then enjoying one of the most memorable dinner spots I've ever been. El Mirador Restaurant is perched above the coastline just north from the visit at Punta Lobos. Just a quick dusty drive out of town. The atmosphere, service and food is impeccable. A true pleasure as the sunsets and I glance back at my seafood.

Up and at it for a cup, or three, a bite and back to Punta Lobos for a hike. A great little hike with some fantastic views at the end. Then after to relax, refresh and have lunch, just a bit north along the coastal dusty drive, you arrive at El Faro Beach Club. Its basically the beach version of last nights dinner atmosphere. A pleasure after the hike. I was keeping my activities coastal but TD also has some great trails to bike and hike just right out of town. I moved myself from the beach to the rooftop pool back at the hotel and sponged the rest of the day. Before sunset I jumped in my rental and drove just a bit north to watch the release of some baby sea turtles. A special thing to see those little buggers start their life in the world. That evening I had my last dinner at Landi's Restaurant. Just a nice street walk over in my leather slip ons from the hotel. An original in TD. The real deal, authentic and a pefecto adios dinner.

The next morning I checked out and headed back towards the airport. I had one more day so to be closer to the airport I stopped in Cabo. I grabbed some last r&r at the pool and had dinner at The Office. A must anytime I'm around. That next morning I enjoyed the coastal route back to the airport. A cup of coffee in-hand while reminiscing my new experience in area. This time I would be leaving the area with an impression. A very-very good one.

Pro Tip: If you have more time with a trip to this area I highly suggest doing the loop. I myself can't wait to get back to do it. From TD carry on to La Paz. After enjoying loop down south to Los Barriles, enjoy and then on back to the Airport area.

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