vancouver island escape

vancouver island with the slick mens leather slip on

In my perspective the most underrated itineraries in the Northwest. Visiting Vancouver Island is a cool thing, in that you get all the classic Northwest (Seattle, coffee, rain, sun and a ferry ride through the beautiful San Juan's) and end up in whats very Euroesque. There is a couple routes you can take out of Seattle but I suggest driving north, get driving early, and leaving out of Anacortes. I believe only a summer route. The views are A+ on the way over.

The port is the sleepy town of Sidney. Just head-a-sec north and grab a room. No I'm right on the beautiful water front pier area for the night; its been a long day and time to relax a bit. Bright and early I grab some breaky & coffee and get on the road south for the first stop at Butchart Gardens. A fantastic walk, one of the best I've seen.

Now headed off onto Victoria. As I said, this is a very Euroesque city right on the water. Very calm and vibrant with great food, arts and architecture. Put your leather slip ons to good use and Enjoy the wander! Depending on your schedule you can stay the night in this gem of a city. But I'd head back and stay close in Sidney if you plan to catch the boat back in the morning.

Pro Tip: This was clearly a quick schedule to add to a Seattle visit. With time I would highly suggest staying in Victoria for a day or two. And continue on along the island to some of the remote areas. There is some serious lodges and outdoor activities.

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