vegas vintage day

vegas vintage day
I would have never thought I'd be motivated to review a wander in Vegas. Its just too overdone, exposed and commercial. But the elusive downtown area is another story. Its overlooked by most and didnt-make-it-again by the intended. Myself included over the years of visits. If you're looking for a vintage/retro weekend getaway, or an add on day to your Vegas visit, here's an idea.

Grab a rental and get headed downtown. Its a swift easy process, the rates are very low and the drive is an ease. And speaking of rates, everything in the downtown area is worlds apart in pricing from the strip. So not only does this approach provide a more laid back vintage vibe its also a great value for a weekend getaway to Vegas. The value starts with a stay at the Thunderbird Boutique Hotel. Really a motel which is what you want for easy access to exploring the area. A classic in the area with clean stylized rooms, bar/lounge and a well kept motel style pool area. Your also right next to the historic drive-through wedding chapel for kicks. Its most likely evening by the time you're checking-in so get some rest or get started. But dont blow yourself out the first night, you'll be up early for a vintage breakfast. Your in minutes proximity to all the great bars and restaurants in the arts district like Esther's Kitchen and ReBar. Enjoy an evening in the friendly area and you'll be back for coffee and browsing in the morning.

Up and at it to start your day of vintage. The first stop is a little out of the way but well worth it. The 50's Diner is everything you would want to start your vintage day with. And what a value. Take your time and enjoy. After, head back to the arts district and grab a cup to go at Vesta Coffee. From here you're on foot to enjoy a walk through the area filled with art installations and vintage shops. One of the best collections of vintage shops I've ever seen. And before you leave the area grab a taco from Tacotarian. Next you'll be headed just a couple minutes drive north to actual downtown to the Mob Museum and then over to the Neon Museum. Both touristy stops--yes--but short and worth the stop. And make reservations. If you time your day out right you'll want to arrive for a 4pm spot at Neon Museum. Golden hour.

After, head back to the hotel to freshen-up for din. With your leather slip ons of course. Then back downtown with an Uber for dinner and drinks on Fremont. Now, there's many choices you could go with for a vintage dinner in the area. Especially if you're thinking steakhouse. But a less stiff option, but still nice and jazzy, is the Chart House in the Golden Nugget. The aquarium and aqua stylized vibe is very Jetsons-esk. Ask for the bar lounge seats. After dinner you're positioned for a walk down Fremont and a stop for a drink at the Laundry Room and or Atomic Liquor. The perfect cap to a well spent vintage day in Vegas. And away from the sprawling tourist trap of the strip. Enjoy.

Pro Tip: If you're an Airbnb type, or with a group, there's the Vintage Vegas House nearby. Also, its out of the way, but if you can fit it into your schedule consider hitting the Pinball Hall of fame :D!

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