washington wanders

washington wanders

Over the past year I was in-and-out of Washington quite a bit. So for this post, unlike a destination type rundown, I'll just throw out some things I did. I was staying in the Birch Bay Blaine area which is a beautiful sleepy town coved right on the water. It's far north, really one of the last towns before the boarder. So you'd easily never visit here but it's worth a stop, especially summer, if your in the area. Plan to have lunch or even camp right on the water in the park and you wont regret it.

Bellingham is only 30min south and from hear you're really positioned with a lot of options. But again, I'll just throw out what I happened to do. There's a great hike Fragrance Lake, easy but exercisey, you can hit up either before or after your stop downtown. A very rustic-artsy-hipster kind of vibe great for foodies. My spot was always Camber. For dinner or even a nice stay take a look at The Chrysalis Inn.

Heading out of Bham you have the outdoors galore to explore. The two I did while in-and-out was the drive out to Diablo Lake and camping near by. Good times. I would have really like to do a Mt. Baker & Rainer drive also but didn't get around to it. But what I did get around to, the must of musts, is the Olympic Peninsula drive! Second to getting over to Vancouver Island which I wrote about here.

If you've been wanting an excuse to visit the northwest here it is. And I do suggest flying into Bellingham for better access to the mentioned and then ending with and flying out of Seattle. The drive is hands down beautiful exploration. I'll just point out a couple things. Do drive up to Hurricane Ridge, Do stay at Lake Crescent Lodge and Do make a right at the fork! Simply put go the extra distance to see and stay in Neah Bay.

Then after rounding that fantastic drive you loop around to drop your rental, explore Seattle and fly out. I wont get into Seattle, its been thoroughly covered, so here's just a couple of my favorites. With your leather slip ons an early morning coffee at Storyville Coffee overlooking Pike Place. For any reason Oddfellows Café + Bar. And a stay with dinner at Hotel Sorrento.

Pro Tip: If you plan to explore the Space Needle area stay at the Mediterranean Inn. Its nothing fancy just enough and close with some great little food spots nearby. The real secret here though is the top deck. It provides you with one of the best photo grabs of Seattle.

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