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Yucatán Roadtrip | with The Wander mens leather slip on

This is a road trip approach to the area and a highly recommended one at that. Your going to be doing some driving, in the middle of nowhere, so rental wisely. Other than that concern to check its smooth sailing. From Cancun you have about 2hrs to your first stop inland at the El Castillo Pyramid.

Its pretty touristy but its worth the sight. It gets hot so your next stop is the perfect fix down the road at the Cenote Ik-Kil. From here you're now heading another 2hrs back south east to your first stay in Tulum. A well covered destination so I'll just say enjoy. You really cant go wrong.

After your blissful power-up in Tulum, head out early, now you're heading North back to Cancun. But you still have plenty of stops left on the way to Plya De Carmen. It all depends on you. You can stop at some beaches, see wildlife preserves or spend most of the day at the Eco Disney style park: Xcaret Park. Its a human cattle drive but it actually has some fun stuff.

Whatever you choose don't burn yourself out too much. Plya Del Carmen is a great city to walk at night to enjoy. Then give yourself a day or two to relax and your just an hours drive to catch your flight in Cancun. Your leather slip ons proved their comfort on this trip.

ProTip: To add a real delight to this itinerary make your first stop out of Cancun at Holbox Island. Relax for a day or two before carrying on.

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