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  • todos santos leaves an impression

    A very-very good one. Like most I had done many getaways to Cabo over years. And like most always overlooking TD. But this time I didn't. I wanted something off the typical path of Cabo and just as easy. Yet still safe, comfortably accommodating and relaxing. TD is everything Cabo isn't, it's still low-key.
  • st. lucia exploration

    What can say...St. Lucia was really what started it all. It lit the fire. So be forewarned this trip can really get the travel bug going. Until St. Lucia it was local wanders around Southern California and short trips up the west coast and into Mexico.
  • slip ons spring looks 2020

    A new year with new looks to transition. A--fresh--feel has always made spring looks our favorite mood. A reboot, a looks pallet cleanse, a spring cleaning if you will. Take your pick.
  • utah roadtrip

    I had often wondered when I'd roadtrip around Utah. I knew I would do it one day. And it turned out I ended up right where needed to be to do it. I had a small window of time so I went for it. St. George is 2.5hrs from Las Vegas and the last major city you'll find before starting the loop. Late fall or early spring is the ideal time with comfortable temps and crowd.
  • key west roadtrip

    In between international travels I'm always looking around for my next Americana trip. Now that I think of it they always end up to be road-tripish. And this one is certainly one of the classics. And a great option to visiting the area if looking for something other than the Miami Beach scene.
  • lisbon to algarve roadtrip

    Visiting Portugal is one of the best redirects I ever made. And at this point in my travels my #1 ranked wander. I had originally planned to fly into Barcelona after Paris and drive the the coast to Nice. But the weather wasn't ideal for that kind of trip. Turned out the best weather was in Algarve. So off to Lisbon I went.
  • lima for 2 days

    Lima...a very significant place in my memory forever. It was my first stop on my journey into the international world. In hindsight, I should have spent more time and gone far deeper but thats hindsight for ya. There was a great deal from LA to Lima, to Miami then on to Rome so I figured pop into Lima. And so very grateful I did, even for a short time.
  • tucson an unexpected find

    I was just looking for an easy getaway for the weekend to hide from the cold. There's great flight deals so I thought huh...lets see the desert. Unexpectedly, I found Tucson to be far more than just the desert. And all of it, as I set out for it to be, just very easy and enjoyed.
  • a long walk in paris

    As a solo traveler Paris was not really on my list but Im glad it crossed my path. I was heading back to Europe for another go and Paris had a great deal. So I went with it and spent a day to walk the city as a layover. And I really didnt do any planning intentionally, just to let the chips fall as they may for the day.
  • new york fiolage roadtrip

    I had been wanting to do this road trip since I was a yee lad. I flew into NY and had an at-opening lox bagel at Russ & Daughters. You step from the street into a-whole-nother-world, a swanky diner vibe.
  • charleston preserved

    At this point in my wanders Charleston, SC is my favorite city walk in the US. Not just for the obvious photogenic spots you see but rather all the nooks-&-crannies you find everywhere along the way.
  • washington wanders

    Over the past year I was in-and-out of Washington quite a bit. So for this post, unlike a destination type rundown, I'll just throw out some things I did to consider.